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About Nobska Craftsmen

"Jewelry is a very personal should tell a story about the person who's wearing it."

-Garance Dore

  From humble beginnings in 1977, Nobska Craftsmen has been a family owned small business known for its hand engraved jewelry and keepsakes. 


  Born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, Caitlin Rudders is the face behind Nobska Craftsmen.  Granddaughter of one of the first metalsmiths for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Caitlin creates pieces of jewelry for the traditional and the bohemian woman.  Nobska Craftsmen jewelry is made in Williamsburg from American pewter, Sterling silver or 14K gold or .925 Silver plated brass.  Each piece is uniquely made. 


  Whether it's crafted from sterling silver or fine pewter, Nobska Craftsmen jewelry is a timeless classic.  Each hand engraved piece is cut with painstaking detail and care by America's finest hand engravers.  Each hand stamped piece has been stamped using individual letters and designs.  Each bracelet has been cut and finished by hand.

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