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Cherry blossoms are known for their beautiful pink and white blooms that only last for a short period.  Representing rebirth and new beginnings, these beautiful flowers hold deep symbolism in many cultures through out the world.  In Japanese culture, they embody the duality of life and death, signifying the fleeting nature of existence.  These blossoms are admired for their delicate beauty and are often associated with femininity and love in Chinese and Korean cultures.  In Western cultures cherry blossoms are often associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and the transience of life.

  • Polished pewter teardrop pendant
  • Hand engraved cherry blossom design
  • ~16" to 18" adjustable fine silver plated chain
  • Each pendant has been hand engraved and therefore design may vary from image seen
  • Proudly handmade in Virginia

Cherry Blossom Pewter Necklace

SKU: 610-p
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