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This pewter cuff bracelet features parts of a paisley design.  Measures 7/8" wide.  Each bracelet is cut from a 33" long sheet of raw pewter, hand shaped and given primary satin finish.  Design is first hand drawn or stamped with a resist pen and ink, and then the bracelet goes through the etching process.  Next, after going through a neutralizing solution, the item is hand washed, shaped in a "C", and then hand finished.  No two bracelets are exactly alike!  Proudly handmade in Virginia.  

Paisley Pewter Cuff Bracelet - 7/8"

SKU: B7-900Paisley
  • Your bracelet has been hand etched using hand drawings or hand stamping, and was hand finished using #0000 steel wool.  There will be some variation in the finish and the edges may look a little rough.  This is the nature of the etching process.  Your piece may darken with wear and time.  To restore original satin finish simply touch up using #0000 steel wool.  

    Consider joining our Insider's Club for a lifetime of complimentary polishing and touch up on any piece purchased directly from Nobska Craftsmen as well as many other perks!  

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